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Hands On Workshops

We offer some incredible workshops designed to provide you with hands on experience and expert coaching for small business marketing. We designed and developed these workshops with a couple of guiding principles.

  1. You will get a broad and meaningful idea of what marketing for your business is about and ways to go about implementing it.
  2. Understanding of the value of marketing – for your business and, if you are using outside resources, what goes into it.
  3. Access to a wide range of ideas and tactics
  4. Ability to network with other participants.
  5. An opportunity to put together your own plan, goals and schedule.
  6. Insight into how to measure your success.


Workshops are in the process of being scheduled and held but you don’t have to wait for me.

You can have your own, either for just your business or for a group of like minded folks (think fellow business owners). All you have to do is contact me for details and arrangements. Here’s some great food for thought. Let me provide you with a great marketing tactic right now. If your business does a lot of business with other businesses, why not sponsor a single session workshop for them. You will increase your reputation as a company dedicated to providing value to your customers. The attendees will come away with impressions of how helpful you are. It will cost a whole lot less than placing an advertisement somewhere and you will benefit greatly from sponsoring a workshop.

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