Into the Deep End of the Digital Pool

Into the deep end workshop image

Digital Marketing Workshop for Small Businesses

A six session workshop on digital marketing. Each session is 1.5 hours long. The ultimate introduction to DIY Digital marketing.

Into the Deep End of the Digital Pool

  1. How to craft a great message –  Concept, Copy, Headline, Images
  2. How to publish it and where to publish it.
  3. Email captures and email campaigns.
  4. Social Media Campaigns.
  5. Word of Mouth Programs (Loyalty/Referral)
  6. Intro to Analytics
  7. Calendaring & Themes
  8. Get into your clients head
  9. Fundamentals of digital Funnel Building
  10. & a lot more

This is a great course for the overachieving Do It Yourself-er.

This course requires at least 6 participants but no more than 18 participants. In addition to the coaching/instruction, you will receive support literature and the opportunity to develop your own program during this course. Your program will have input from like minded participants as well as direction given by the leader.

The price for this workshop is $49/session for six sessions. No returns or refunds for missed sessions.

What is required when you want to host your own

A location capable of handing the number of people in the group

Access to WiFi.

and a couple of other little things.

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