Get Out Of Your Own Way, Build a Great Sales Force & Be Successful

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Get Out of Your Own Way, Build a Great Sales Force and Be Successful

Scaling Word of Mouth in the Real World & the Digital World

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Expanding Word Of Mouth Advertising

A 2 hour Workshop session.  $49/pp

In order for a business to be successful, it has to do 2 things great – Innovate its product and Market – Peter Drucker

Most Small business do not understand how to market effectively, in fact most fail at doing it at all – John Brogan Jr

Covering both digital and traditional ways of word of mouth advertising, you will learn how to be effective in spreading your word of mouth. Whether your business is insanely busy or scary slow, this workshop is for you. This workshop will demonstrate and instruct you on why and how to do this as well as how not to do it. Today’s business marketplace is way different than it was 5 years ago. Traditional Advertising is dead, Most marketing falls short. Word of Mouth transcends it all. Learn how to effectively turn your clients into your best sales force ever. Learn how to keep that sales force working for you for the long haul.

  • Get Out Of Your Own Way
    • We will explain why consistent Word Of Mouth Marketing is crucial to success in ways you have never thought about
    • Set Goals, Plans and Measurements of success
    • Overcome the things that we allow to get in out way and prevent success
  • Build a Better Sales Force
    • How to Effectively Spread Word of Mouth
    • Identify your sales force, it is more than your customer.
    • Tactics that are effective
    • Tap into the reasons people refer you
    • Make sure you are heard
    • Tips & Suggestions for you to use
  • Success
    • Define It with your plan

Have a lot of fun, be exposed to tons of creative ideas & solutions as well as have the opportunity to benefit from networking and group participation. This is not the classroom you experienced as a kid. Great opportunity to network with other great minded people.

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