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Our responsive website design process is made to be painless for  you.  The sites we design are the cornerstone of your business. Designed for ease of use for the reader, our sites serve as your Greeter, Your Sales Force, Your Marketing Base, and Your customer service center.

Each site is a CMS base site customized for your company and every single one of them comes with a traditional website (i.e. pages), blogs (for posts, articles and use in navigation and marketing) and the ability to add a store easily.

We help you provide the content to deliver everything mentioned above and each site comes with training on how to use this site effectively, from updating it to using it as a marketing platform.

We build each site to be the working part of an online funnel to attract, interest and engage people.

Advanced Communications Industries Web Site Image

Screen Shot of ACI’s Home Page

Each one comes set up for one click publishing to social media. In addition, we set up everything to be shareable by your visitors.

We add in an email structure (and can set up custom emails) that are easily integrated into mail systems. Each site has a custom contact form.

Oh, and most importantly, we not only build it to be SEO friendly, we provide a lot of tools and items to help you with SEO (search engine optimization) such as

Sitemaps, Listing with Google & Bing, and built for fast loading speeds.

Setting up categories and tags to be found easier by search engines

Working with you on the behind the scenes things to help with SEO – (robots, follow/no follow, Meta descriptions and snippets). Don’t know what all that is? We will explain it in easy to understand terms and what and how and why we do it.

Each site easily is added to with plug-ins and widgets to help the user and you, from integrated a google map? To top notch landing pages.

Each site will also come with basic security system.

Color and font selections.

All that is included in the base of every site we do.

Other Important Website Design Things We Provide

We can provide

image of goosebusterblinds website

Home Page screen shot of Goose Buster Blinds

  1. Domain registration
  2. Hosting Plans
  3. Monthly Maintenance Plans
  4. Monthly Marketing Plans.

Other Services we provide to enhance your site

Custom Website Design Elements – Landing Pages, Calls to Action, Subscription Pages & More

Photography – From original photo shoots to selection of high quality stock photos to editing and/or customizing supplied photos.

Illustrations & Graphics – from info-graphics to logos, we can create any image needed to make messaging work better.

Animation and Video – part or parcel. WE can handle it all, edit your supplied video, and incorporate animation & video.

Copy writing – We know how hard it can be to put into words what you want to express. We are here to either write it or edit it.  For pages, blogs, marketing articles or any article.

Graphic Design – Brochures (yes digital too), email templates, media kits, info-graphics, and a whole lot more.

Marketing Services – We provide a lot of marketing services for small and medium businesses.

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