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Website Design is not about converting your picture and copy into something that works online. Website Design is about having a purpose, clear messaging and great interactivity for the user. Only after those three things are addressed can we delve into layout, colors, type, etc. A truly great website design are built to be SEO friendly.

What we did in designing this website for Advanced Communications Industries.

  1. Purpose – to be the cornerstone and launch base for the informational marketing program we are creating for them.
  2. Communications – to make the home page have all the information needed to convey what this company does. Installed two navigation systems, one for the front page and one for the rest of the site. Both interlinked.
  3. User Interaction – we designed a responsive site, focusing special attention on mobile. All images/videos/fonts/text have to readable on a mobile device.
  4. Built for speed – A lot of work went into optimizing everything to keep size of the site minimal, yet very functional.
  5. Design – Color theme and fonts selection determined to be most pleasing and readable.

Click the image below to see the website.

Details on what else we did for this site are listed below image.

Advanced Communications Industries Web Site Image

Screen Shot of ACI’s Home Page

What else we did on this website design.

Designed the Logo, Header image, and all icons.

Tons of Photo Editing. Every image was brought into Adobe Photoshop, orientated, size appropriately, color corrected, in many cases, perspectives where fixed/straightened. Photos where also edited and saved for use in a video we created.

Logos – a lot of work was done on sizing/formatting logos.

Headline Creation – Every headline was created by us. We had input and collaborative for the top welcoming headline and for the section head – Brands we have impressed. We came up with the concept of changing your environment and worked out from there for all the headlines and most of the article text.

Articles – We set up the outline and purpose of each article on pages/posts and worked with the client to co-write the articles in order to serve the goal we set up for direction and feel of the article. We do this on each project to eliminate extra costs/editing that happen when setting up SEO friendly sites.

VIDEO – The web video on this site is a combination of supplied photos and actual video shot by the client. Edited & published using Adobe Premiere Pro. You can also find the video HERE, which is another tactic to help SEO.

Blog – The site also has a blog set up, but it is not showing right now. The blog will be the point of origin for the marketing program we are in the process of designing. All of our sites come designed with a blog. We use blog posts not just for blogging, but we incorporate posts and their images for navigation and highlighted section. Take for example this site. On the home page, the slider’s images are all directly from posts, as are the images below the slider. All are part of the navigation. Using this allows us to incorporate categories and tags to aid in SEO search friendly structures. We also use the blogs for publishing great content across multiple channels.

Email – Site is set up with a custom email for the contact form.

Contact Form – A simple contact form was installed

Security – Sure we are using some software, but we also delved into the code itself, writing specific lines of code to prevent unauthorized access. We also put in place a sophisticated log in.

Cpanel – installed and managed by us.

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