Web Graphics Designed to Get Attention

Web Graphics

web graphics

What the Heck are Web Graphics anyway?

They are the images used to communicate a message in an attention getting way. They are used not just on a website. Get Out To designs webgraphics for use in:

Email Graphics

2 things are essential to an effective Email Campaign – A great subject line and a great image.  Here are some examples of the images we have created for emails

image of an email newsletter

HTML email newsletter example

image of a heart shaped piece of glass

Image used for Email and for social media publications. All part of a digital marketing funnel

Sponsorship Place Holder for Hunterdon County Weather

Email & Social Media Image  for Hunterdon County Weather

Web Graphics Designed for Social Media Posts

The question we always ask when developing a post/article for publishing from a site to social media is: Will this be intriguing enough to get someone to click on it? Social Media Post Web Graphic Design incorporates compelling headlines & copy with relevant images. For images, we either design or illustrated a graphic or find the right photo. Our headlines are not just designed for attention, special attention is given to how the headline relates to the copy of the post for proper SEO foundations.

Web Graphics Designed for Social Media Structures

Operating under the guideline of you only have one chance to make a first impression, Get Out To takes great pride in designing graphics used within the framework of social media (Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc). Looking at Facebook, we design not just the post graphics seen above, but also the graphics used for the Cover and Profile Pics.

Web Graphics Designed for Header Images

Header Images used to be prevelant in websites but not so much anymore. Instead, most of these images are used in sliders instead of in the header image. It really depends on the design. The thought behind moving from Header Images to Sliders, etc is to make the header as lightweight as possible and avoid having to get into the coding of the site when replacing them. It is thought that ease of use/editing makes placement of these images into the site under the header. That said, here are some great examples of the header images we created for Get Out To Hunterdon.

Featured Images

Featured Images are used on blog posts, for video or any digital article. Below are some of the featured images we used on this site.

Digital Brochures and Documents

This category is a bit more involved than just an image and headline. This category is about designing some long form documents such as media kits, white papers or newsletters to name some of the more common applications of web designed graphics. To save server space, below are the covers of the media we are showcasing. We provide design, layout, editing, illustration, photo editing, and animation for digital brochures and documents.


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