How Content Marketing Works – A Real Life Example

How Content Marketing Works – Scaling Word of Mouth Advertising

Content Marketing is the key to success in the digital world. Stripped down, it is about creating articles or posts that are strategically planned for readers and then search engines. Great content is a great story. Content Marketing must have a strategy, goals, and plans that are based upon themes and calendars. Each word is selected to further the story. Each image must enhance the story. Every article has to be correctly built on the back end to be SEO friendly.

But Most Importantly of All –  Shareable

An article has to be readable, trustworthy & SHAREABLE. Why? so your customers can easily share your message; so it can easily be emailed; or edited for a newsletter; and be viable across the different platforms of social media.

A real life example of an ongoing content marketing campaign

Get Out To Hunterdon is a site designed to be the best place for readers to go for things to do, places to go and events to attend in Hunterdon County.  Each week, the site publishes a list of weekly items as well as a 6 week look ahead. Getting the word out of the list is mainly done through facebook. An image is edited and optimized for each post, done in a fun way and published to Facebook and Twitter. The main article is on the site and the posts are designed to bring readers to the site for reading the list. The primary goal is to get subscriber’s emails.

Get Out to Hunterdon also publishes Facebook Posts. These posts are designed to bring people back to the Get Out To Hunterdon Facebook Page.

Both of these types of posts are also used in facebook advertising.

The overall business goal is to keep increasing subscribers in order to sell advertising or sell affiliate marketing items.

Here are examples of the graphics used in these campaigns.

FACEBOOK Post Images


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