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Get Out To – LLC was created to bring together a couple of companies under one management system. Combining Great Expectations Marketing along with the Get Out To Brand (Hunterdon, Bucks, etc) we built a company that offers everything you need to express and market your company.

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But let us back up and get into the rest of the story so you can see how we got here and why we are stating fact that we are very good at what we do.

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First and Foremost lets address creativity. I believe we are all born with it and in my case, I received a double dose of creativity and a triple dose of curiosity.  It was never enough to sit and appreciate a work of art, be it a book, a movie, a painting. No I am driven to find out why and how these things where created. As a child, I would replicate situations (like something seen on TV, re-enacting stories I read and even going so far as to pretending to say mass to see if I could get that transformation thing to happen (it didn’t). The point here is that all of my work and the work Get Out To does begins with understanding why and how to make something.

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The second and equally important part of my equation is the wisdom I bring in selling something. If creativity is one side of my coin, than Marketing & Business Development are the opposite side of that coin. Over my decades of successfully orbiting the sun on our little planet here I have had the opportunity to convince, negotiate, cajole, evince and sell different things to different people in different situations. In the span of a few months I found myself selling my products for a company called Handmade America at flea markets on the weekend and negotiating/selling completely different products to Clairol Inc. From the bottom to the top. What is important here is that these diverse situations enabled me to hone my instincts on what motivates people to buy. In both situations, understand, that these where both sell or die prepositions. Life tends to teach the most valuable lessons in times of hardship. Today, I combine my creative side and my marketing side to deliver superior services designed for your clients and potential clients. This is what makes me different and what makes both myself and my clients successful.

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But that is not all. My double sided coin would not be here today for your use if it was not for hard work. Hard Honest Work. I was blessed with the ability to see how to work smarter while I worked harder. Every task I have done I have brought the same inquisitiveness to bear. In the process of doing something, I still have to know how it works and how this “work” is part of something larger. Hard work provided me with the ability to see a bigger picture.

Throwing away the box. Today’s society tends to put an individual into a box, a box too small to hold all of the individuals parts. We are classified as “The computer guy”; the plumber; the doctor and so on. Shedding some light on my attributes and skills will require a little more sharing of information. This site is composed of a lot of pictures, most of them taken by my daughter, R.N. Brogan. I used this images because they do represent a lot more of who I am than just a designer or marketer. I hope they convey something else. For Example, my love of the outdoors, my endeavors as a farmer, my role as a father of four and a husband of a wonderful wife. I try to show a bigger picture of all of our places in the world on this site and in all my designs because that is what people need, whether they know it or not. I threw away the box that defined me many years ago, but before I did, I filled it up with all the constraints and excuses that held me back. It is this exuberance that I want to put to work for you.

Sticking with my coin analogy you should know that my coin is gold plated. Not tarnished, but shiny gold. It is made of that material not to communicate riches, rather to show the world that I am all about the Golden Rule. I truly am a helpful person, with keen insights and a different sense of humor. Working with me will expose you to my version of the Golden Rule. Sure I will treat you right, that is expected, but I will expand upon that by referring and networking with you to help you out even when there is no gain for me. I do this because I do embrace making the world a nicer place one person at a time. I know my efforts will reward me at a later time. This has not been an easy thing for me to do. In fact, it took decades and experiencing many hard things in life before I putting into practice what I believed: The best things in life are not about riches or things. They are about relationships. I don’t know how many people will admit that, but I felt it was important for you to know.

I hope this little bit has given you some insight into who I am and how I am to work with. One thing I forgot to mention is that I will always speak in Regular Man terms and not in Jargon. I have dealt with so many diverse clients who inundate me with their jargon to the point that I do not know if they are speaking my language that prudence directs me to follow the Golden Rule and speak to you in regular terms.

Now I am looking for new clients. Specifically clients looking to improve their business sales and are nice people. If you want to create a better life for yourself, in regards to your business, then I suggest you give me a call. 908-752-8073

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