Social Media Marketing Start Up Program

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Social Media Marketing Start Up Program

My Social Media Marketing Start Up Program is designed to people/business who know they should be doing something on social media even if they do not know what they should be doing. Success at marketing on social media is hard work and takes time and a lot of patience. This more than just posting a photo or a quick blurb. It takes a plan, with goals, a calender/schedule and making sure everything is happy with SEO and google.

Marketing Start Up Program

  1. Development of a strategy & Plan, Goal Setting
  2. Set the calendar for publications
  3. 1 Article a month – 350-750 words written first for clients, then aligned for keywords/SEO
  4. Editing of one supplied Photo for article. Editing includes sizing for social media, color correction, watermarking and additional of type, if needed.
  5. Headline creation
  6. Management of social media advertising of article. Limited to one social media platform (Linked-in, Facebook, Instagram)
  7. Weekly Monitoring of social media for mentions, likes, shares and other goals/Key Performance Indicators.
  8. Basic Analytical Reporting of monthly efforts
  9. Tips and Suggestions, aligned with strategy, for DIY posts
  10. Posting of 1 special or sale.

This program is based on us managing your social media account alongside you on a weekly basis. The program is for an entire month. There is a one time strategy, planning and calendar setting fee. Each month we will touch upon the strategy, make tweeks as needed, confirm the plan and calendar of publications and provide basic reporting. As part of the weekly program, we will post, agreed upon and approved by you, short, quick posts (3-5) on your page. We will manage advertising of the article for you. You set the budget, together we initially plan the target.

So how much will this cost you?

Not as much as you think. I have sharpened and re-sharpened my pencil to get this price as affordable as possible. You get all of the items mentioned here for only $550 month. Price does not include advertising dollars, that amount is totally up to you and it can be changed. There is an initial strategy and planning fee of $300 which includes setting up and customizing one social media platform.

This program is affordable, give your self permission to go ahead with it. You can cancel at anytime.

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