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John Brogan Jr – Not Your Typical Consultant

My natural inclination is to help people succeed and I help out in many different ways. Since no  one seeks out a consultant when things are peachy and good, I am here to provide solutions to your problems. I am not your typical consultant. I am known for finding ways to overcome obstacles that get in the way of success. I am also known for coming up with out of the normal ways of marketing and selling, overcoming production issues and ensuring you get noticed in your marketplace.

Strategy & Plans

A business must do two things especially well: Constantly Innovate & Improve its Products/Services & Market itself.

In my consultant role for Marketing Strategy & Planning I cover a lot of ground before providing you with great Strategies & Plans. I am exceptional at discovering the things holding  you back and giving  incredible and innovative solutions so that your strategy and plans actually work.

After doing a SWOT analysis, profitability study, sales process evaluation and market analysis as well as identifying the things holding you back, I provide effective suggestions and solutions to overcome the identified problems in order to develop a simple as possible Strategy along with as many plans needed. I am not interested in coming up with a report that sits in a binder gathering dust. I have been there and done that with consultants I have hired over the years. Instead, my strategy and plan suggestions will integrate with how you do things and be formulated in a way that you embrace them instead of putting them on a shelf.

Problem Solving

My decades of experience have taught me that most small business owner lack the commitment to put as much effort into marketing themselves as they do into performing the service that makes them money or in the product they sell. I see over and over again a lack of commitment for time, budgets or personnel to ensure that effective marketing and promotional things are getting done.

What I offer – An on location consulting gig that provides you with an outsiders view of the issue and the implementation of a course of action to overcome the problem. In this role I offer coaching/mentoring and training of key people involved with solving the problem.

Short, but by no means inclusive, list of problems: Reputation Salvage; Steady decline of sales; Fast Growth Problems; Marketing, Business Development & Sales Issues; Product Issues such as packaging and/or product design; Customer Service Problems and Appearance Problems (for brick and mortar establishments)


Independent review of your companies marketing & sales efforts. This includes reports on current status of digital presence & assets, email campaigns, social media marketing, content marketing, SEO analytics and overall digital marketing. In addition, I can provide analysis of alignment of digital presence with physical presence and issue reports on how your company aligns with what they do in the real world vs the digital world. I also report on how your digital presence is serving to increase sales and profits.


I offer customer service training. Transform your staff into a positive, helpful resource. Great customer service translates into more sales. Great Customer service enhances your customers experience. Training covers how to deal with problems, provide solutions and increase morale. Additionally, I will go over the client experience for both real world and digital world so you have the best customer service in the business.

Contact Me today and Put That Problem in the rear view mirror!

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