Traditional Marketing

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We Provide Hard Work guided by knowing how to work smart

Old Methods – New Techniques

Traditional Marketing is all the marketing endeavors used outside of the digital world. There are tons of posts/pages on this site covering what we do in the digital world. This page is not about that.

What we do

First off, in the real world, we understand that when dealing with a small business, clients buy from people, not the company. We craft campaigns around that premise and add in a ton of word of mouth tactics. We provide planning, goals, supplies and management of these campaigns. We can handle it all or set it up a la carte.

Guerrilla Campaigns – We can create or adapt many different campaigns that are low budget yet effective.

Loyalty/Reward Campaigns

Event Marketing

Promotional Marketing Campaigns

Direct Mail Campaigns

Networking Campaigns

Contests & Surveys

How Much Does It cost?

Each campaign is different, Each client is different. Each price is different based upon the work needed. Pricing is also impacted by the type of commitment our clients have to us.

Pricing is dependent upon and broken down by:

Planning – You have a plan or idea in mind or You have no idea what you want

Time – How long is the campaign. How many people are we targeting?

Promotional Materials – How many are producing/handing? How different locations? How are getting this stuff out?

House Keeping – how much information is to be gathered and collated and reported on?

Can’t I just get a price?

Sure, but take a look at those questions above and then contact me. Use the form or give me a call at 908-752-8073. I will give you an honest and fair quote quickly.

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