What is an article?

What is an article?

An article is the base document used for Content Marketing. Articles come in different forms. Get Out To – Your Company creates different types of articles to use in your campaigns.

Text Articles

Are exactly that, articles that are written expressly for your company:

Blog posts come in 2 forms, Long (1200 words or more) and short (350-750 words).  Come with a graphic(s), headlines and snippet writing. Used in conjunction with social media and email. Also used for SEM and paid keyword campaigns.

Social Media Posts: Gateway to a blog article; Gateway to a landing page; or Used to promote the social media page(s). Social media posts are also used in social media advertising campaigns.

Bigger Articles

Sales and Marketing Literature: Brochures, Digital flyers, white papers, educational pages, informational posts, educational posts

Newsletters: Combination of graphics and articles, laid out for digital and, if needed, print.

Graphic Articles






How Articles Work with our Content Marketing Packages

Each article is designed and created to be SEO friendly while providing the most relevant information to a search engine query. If a user types in a question in a google query box, our articles will answer their question.

We craft articles to be: Useful, Intriguing, and Trustworthy. This pushes each article to the forefront by answering a question(s), be interesting to keep a reader on your site and trustworthy so that the same reader will leave their email address with you. This is all  part of the inbound lead funnel we build for you with Content Marketing.

Each article is published through social media and email. They are built to come up in search engine inquiries. Then each article can be edited or re-edited for use in an email newsletter and for republishing through social media.

Yes, a plan is needed to make this effective

All articles and graphics are created according to a strategy and campaigns. They incorporate themes and schedules for publishing. They have goals that are measurable through Google Analytics, MOZ and Hootsuite (for social media).

Strategy – Defining what is needed and how it will be accomplished

Campaign is the actual work in making the strategy fruitful

Calendaring is used to publish timely information. Calendaring is based on 3,6 and 12 month schedules. We like to use 12 month schedules to deliver relevant content at the right time.

We hope this answered the basic question of what an article is and how they work in content marketing. If you have more questions, call or contact us.

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