What We Do – Scaling Word of Mouth Marketing in the Digital Space

Scaling Word of Mouth Marketing in the Digital Space

We create content that is engaging and effective in getting new customers to trust you and buy from you and to keep you foremost in mind with existing customers. By creating all of your content focused on what your clients want. Scaling word of mouth marketing is built upon all the content we create, turning your clients into your sales force.

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Scaling Word of Mouth Marketing

What We Do

Our goal is to build the greatest sales force for you company by turning clients into salespeople. We craft articles and posts that tell your story, your clients story and though out that process build trust, streamline the sales process and build a great big database of leads.

Our work consists of using those articles to drive people to your website, to answer questions people search for and present/design them to be inviting to the reader. We incorporate the services below, incorporating them into a defined strategy, to build awareness of you, your business and your product or service.

How we do it.

Each company we serve has a custom program of creation and publishing. Goals, KPI’s, Calendar, and Themes are individually set for each business..

Get Out ToYour Company starts with a writing articles for your blog. Viewed as the launch pad for your content, we publish your story from the blog across social media channels to email campaigns. We build your articles to be user centered, answering questions posed in a search query. On social media we also write short articles to drive people to your social media page and your website. Combined, your blog and your social media will be the foundations of the inbound funnel to acquire new leads. They will also serve to push your website upwards on the search engine ranking pages.

Then we edit and re-edit the content to a well designed email publication as part of the email campaign. Our goals on email campaigns is to: 1- get them to open the email. 2 – get the reader to click on the article links which will help 3 – users coming back to the site and 4 – forwarding the email.

Each step of this process is built upon best practices for SEO. We incorporate those best practices so each blog article is SEO friendly, each page is tracked and measured. Social media is also tracked. We provide services for SEO/SEM analytics to measure Acquisition, (Adwords, Search, Social Media and Campaigns),  Behavior and Conversion.

Scaling Word of Mouth through Blogging

Blogs and blogging – our bread and butter. Essentially, blogs are articles. Articles are either long or short. They can be just copy, copy and photos, copy and illustrations or video. I just listed them by importance in reverse order. Get Out ToYour Company is the expert you need to create all of them.


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 The What


Long Articles

Short Articles



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social media launch pad

The Launchpad


Social Media


Search Engine Response Pages


digital marketing tool boxThe Tools

Copy Writing


Graphic Design

Photo & Video Creation/Editing/Publishing

SEO/SEM Analytics Software


What do you need? 10, 20, 50 or more clients a month?

Like we mentioned, our goal is to increase your brand, your sales and your profits. All you have to do is contact us. What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 908-752-8073. Or contact us here

How much for these wonderful programs?

We offer a very fair competitive monthly price. We offer the whole kitchen sink (Article Writing, Publishing, Graphics/photo editing, social media and email) to individuals modules: Article writing, Photo/Video Editing, Copy Editing, Social Media Marketing Management, SEO/SEM.

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