Digital Marketing – The Whole Enchilada

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Digital Marketing

View this as the umbrella program of your online marketing efforts. In fact, this is the digital funnel used to get people to your site. Digital Marketing encompasses managing posts, articles and media on your site and delivering & publishing those items through multiple channels (social media & email).  Digital Marketing also includes oversight of online reviews, responses to clients, handling the email system, putting in place digital assets like Calls to Action & Landing Pages. It is all about promoting and marketing your content, but it is NOT about creating your content. Creating Content is found HERE. It is very important to acknowledge that the two most important things to do for SEO rankings is to have an active, relevant campaigns and GREAT CONTENT. This program provides suggestions on developing GREAT CONTENT.

What it covers

Publication of digital media from your site through email and multiple channels (social media) and reporting on the effectiveness of these publications with use of analytics and web-tools. It does NOT INCLUDE creation of the content/media.

Building a Digital Funnel – Identifying the target audience. Providing A/B testing of messaging. Providing an inbound lead system.

Setting up a Plan and calendar of publication

Blog Posts – Long & short article suggestions and distribution of that content.

Media – Videos, Graphics, Info-graphics, Illustrations & Photographs

Social Media Posts – Set up and publication (with linking & short code URLs of articles) through various channels.

Email – Includes email campaign management & oversight.

Monthly goals

New leads –  Set up goals and measurables for new prospects.

Expanding current customer sales

Setting up measureables

Increasing Search Engine Page Results

Reporting of Analytics and Trends

So How Much Does this Cost?

A lot or not much depending on who is viewing this. 

Our plans start at $2500/month. Before you say “Holy Cow” or have a cow, we ask that  you look at this program this way. Your Digital Marketing Program is going to work as a your online Marketer AND your Business Development Person. If you look at what it costs to gain a new customer? How many new customers per month do you need? How much time each month do you have to contact and reach existing customers? How to break out of a box your client has put you in? Like most companies, you do more than one thing yet many customers do not realize that. Any-who, Look at how many new customers a month you need/desire and be realistic on how much it will cost you to get them. When looking at that way, our pricing will fall in line with cost to attain new customers. The secondary gain, and more immediate gain, is expansion of sales horizontally with existing customers with our program. We ask what we know is fair to deliver for you.

How much of this work is guaranteed?

Well we guaranty to work and produce what we said we would. However, we will not guaranty sales because we have experience with all sorts of businesses. Unfortunately, we have tried to help businesses that cannot get out of their own way and in our opinion, cannot close a deal. So all of our work bring new leads to a client resulted in ticking everyone off. (This was a classic case of out of control ego – the owner wanted to “show” everyone he was the “expert” and his boorishness prevented him from making a sale or closing a deal). So learning from our mistake, we do not guaranty sales and profits because that is upon you. What we do is bring in new leads and the potential for increased sales. Hey, we want you to succeed. Life is way easier with happy, satisfied customers.

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