Custom Video for a website

Video is the #1 element of content sharing

Custom video for a website is more apt to be shared. Great Video not only found by search engines on your site, but also on YouTube or Vimeo AND on social Media.

How the custom video process begins.

  1. What is the goal of the video?
  2. How long is the video going to be?
  3. What is being communicated?
  4. How is being communicated?
  5. How is being shot?
  6. How is it going to be edited?
  7. Are other graphics or illustrations needed?
  8. How is going to be published?
  9. Review the above and come up with a script and plan for the video
  10. Edit it, re-edit it and review
  11. Publish and Share
  12. Simple Right?

To be honest it is never as simple as we think

A rule of thumb is for every hour of video shot, plan on 4 hours of editing. We have found two things about that rule of thumb. Sometimes, we nail it in less time then that. Most times we find that it can take more time than planned. When we do an in-house video and have total control from concept, to scripting to production and editing, we are able to compress the timeline. When we produce it for a client, the timeline expands. Over the years, we discovered how to keep the timeline, and costs down, by

  1. Explaining the vision better – which is hard in the creative process. I cannot tell you how many times we “discovered” the next level in a project and went after it, causing a reshoot or major input of graphics and video editing. We keep our clients up to date on this process, getting an approval before venturing forth.
  2. Working with competent professionals – which can add a little bit to the cost, yet save days of time when it comes to the editing and production.
  3. Having a great creative director in place

Technology today – DIY

Here are some thoughts we want to share. We know after you do this on your own for awhile, you will want to take it to the next level and we want to be first in mind when you do. Until then, here are some helpful hints.

Own a good smartphone? Great, you can shoot and upload video easily.

Have a point to your video – A great way to start is to shoot a video answering a question that you are always answering.

For your script – bullet points and then talk naturally. Entrepreneur Has a Good Article

Find whatever way you can to eliminate annoying sounds such as wind over the microphone. These site has some good suggestions Guiding Tech.

Here you can find what you need to know about YouTube Videos.

There are lots of Free video editing software available. Google It.

Our specific recommendations

Remember it is the image first, then the words spoken

Talk naturally. You are not a network news person so don’t try to play one.

Keep it short, no more than 2 minutes.

If you cannot capture the audiences attention in the first 15 seconds, they will leave.

The title is what grabs attention. Then the cover image.


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