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Content Creation – The Fun Part of what we do

& the most important part of the work we do.

Today’s Business Landscape in regards to self promotion has changed drastically from 5 or even 10 years ago. Being noticed today seems at first glance to be harder than ever. Everyone is talking about “Content Marketing” and wondering what it is and how it works. Good thing you stopped by this page today to find out what it is.

Content is any and all media created for the purpose of explaining, communicating, selling, and marketing of a company. Some folks call this branding. Others call this manipulation of message for nefarious purposes, like gaming the search engines. Those folks are wrong.

Content Marketing is the best, old, new way of doing things. To boil it down to basics in order to deconstruct the myths & legends of SEO and SERP ( search engine results page) and the relationship to Content – Lets look at this way. Your story, or content, has to be great enough to solve/answer a problem a user is searching for. But that is just the beginning. I said it is the best, old, new way of doing things. How I look at content is the best opportunity to spread word of mouth advertising through content. Developing great content requires expert skills to tell your story: Copy writing (long/short articles & Posts), Killer Headlines & email subject lines, Great Photos that are optimized and set up correctly. Video, the king of all content, has to be in your plans along with original graphics, illustrations and animations. On top of all that you also need an expert who understands user interactions, search engine metrics and client psychology.

Just want to get started?

Why the expert is needed above all else.

Ever been in a social situation where all the conversation is dominated by one person. You know the type(s), they just can’t stop talking about themselves (mostly negative things) or they are a “Topper” – that person who has to top any and all conversations going on and on about how they did X or Y better. Maybe you are unlucky enough to have endured the non-stop chatterbox where you cannot even get a word in edgewise. These situations are draining and intelligent people like yourself go out of the way to avoid them. Well Content is a lot like that. Too often folks grabbed the keys to their digital marketing and punish all of us in the digital space with one AD after another. Now I know you would never do that, dear reader and like me, you have trained yourself to overlook, block, unsubscribe or just ignore these Ads. In doing so, you have also trained your brain to overlook all ads. Pretty Bleak when you are thinking about how you are going to get your Ad, I mean message out. Well lets find a silver lining to this dismal picture – Ads are a dying thing, in fact, for small businesses, they are a dead animal. But a story, hell we are all reading them. And  a great story cannot be an advertisement, yet it can accomplish the same thing as a great ad.

How We Make Content Your Great Never-ending Story

We put together the creative side, write the copy, tag it with a Killer Headline and then decide how we publishing it. Is it a long article? A short article or post? Or maybe, for kicks and giggles and bigger budgets, a story told through pictures like animation or video. Many times it is a combination of all of this and more where we make teasers, those articles you see on social media that you click on and go to a site? Other times we go fishing and test our content with similar yet very different stories or we use the same story with different landing pages. Your Story is truly a never-ending story. We re-purpose your content for different reasons and different seasons. Other times we can recycle great things in new places.

To recap, your story or content is a way to scale word of mouth advertising. You have to be good, your content great and all of it interesting & engaging  intriguing. To make it never ending you need a means by which people can share your story. To be effective, you must have a plan for your content and to be successful, goals & measurements have to be in place. After all, all of this work is about increasing sales.


Photos: From taking the actual photos to editing/optimizing photos. Sales, selection & editing of stock photos. (Photoshop)

Videos: Scripting, Production, Editing & Publishing of Video for use on the Web (Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, YouTube & Vimeo)

Illustration: Graphics, Infographics, package designs, logos, any and all types of computer graphics for any use (Adobe Illustrator, Edge Animate, Video/Photo enhancements)

Animation: For use on mobile, tablet and viewing on desktop (Edge Animate (HTLM5) and Flash)

Desktop Publishing: Design, Layout & typesetting of documents (white papers, newsletters, sales sheets) for use in print and on web (Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress, Adobe PDF)

Typography: Custom fonts, Titles (for any use) and styling (Photoshop & Illustrator combined)

Copy Writing: Blog articles, white papers, taglines, short articles, posts and long articles. (Word & InDesign)

Copy Editing: As it implies (software used: An excellent noodle)

Headline Creation: What gets you noticed. Headlines for sharing posts/articles, subject lines and Headings for sites. (Software used, the boxless noodle)

Site Support Content: The kitchen sink department – providing all work on all projects for your site, from landing pages to calls to action to setting up all the back end support such as email, optimizations, cpanels, analytics, webtools and so on and so forth. (CMS software, CRM, software, CSS3 styling of elements, PHP & HTML5 coding and if that is not enough, I think I can also though in another 19 letters of the alphabet in this description. If you need it, ask for it. If you don’t know what to call it, describe it. We will take it from there.

Want to see how we make our great designs work for you?

So how much does this stuff cost?

We provide pricing based on projects and time. Since each project is different, each estimate is different. But since you read all the way through this article to this point, it would be very rude of me to leave you hanging with just the first two sentences of this paragraph. So let me shed the teeniest bit of light on the pricing for this.

Photos can range all over the place and we price them by what we know we can do in an hour. We estimate at $75/hour to do this work. How long will it take? Again, it depends on the work.

Photography – $750-1200 a day.

Video pricing always has to be done by the project.

Illustrations typically start at $599, but honestly they almost always end up costing closer to $950+

Animation: Same deal as with video, estimated by the project and work needed to accomplish it.

Desktop Publishing – With Design & Layout, start at $499 for 2 pages.

Typesetting your supplied copy – $55/hour

Typography – Starts at $399

Copy Writing: Original Material Long Article Starts at $999. Short Articles start at $299.

Copy Editing: $55/hour

Site Support: Starts at $125 and then goes to hourly $75/hour

Find out more – see our full list of graphic design services.

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