How and Why You Should Get Started with Social Media Marketing

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How and Why You Should Get Started with Social Media Marketing

I want to start off with the Why part of Social Media Marketing. Most likely, you know that you should be doing something for Social Media Marketing but you don’t know how, or you don’t have the time or you have tried and it didn’t work. No matter the reason, keep in mind, that everyday you are not marketing on social media is one more day you are behind your competition. I do not say that lightly. Having an active social media marketing is about selling yourself through having a better story than the competition. People want to know more about a company before making a purchase. Social Media is the vehicle by which your story is delivered and consumed by the readers.

Forget Everything You Know about Marketing and Advertising

Social Media is not about selling direct. Forget everything you know about marketing and advertising and wrap your mind around this. Today’s Social Media Marketing is composed of 80% Storytelling/20% direct selling. All too often companies make the mistake of using social media to : Sell, Sell, Sell. That model does not work The storytelling part is what works. Why does it work? When done right it:

  1.  Gets Noticed in social media news feeds
  2. Compels people to click on the message
  3. Builds trust
  4. Educates and Informs
  5. Provides the reader with an accessible way to envision use of your product or service
  6. Encourages people to hand over an email
  7. Facilitates the Sales Process
  8. Gives clients material that they can share – thus scaling word of mouth

Let’s Look at How to do Social Media Marketing successfully

  1. Determine your goals. What do you want to get out of your social media? 
    • Once you have goals, then we can measure success
  2. Evaluate your resources. 
    • Develop the plan and assign jobs and set up a calendar, etc.
  3. Know your audience. 
    • Define your customers and your niche.
  4. Create amazing content.
    • Attention grabbing graphics/video, headlines, killer copy and properly SEO structured content
  5. Integrate your marketing efforts.
    • Social Media Marketing has to be, I repeat, has to be aligned with your traditional marketing/brand/image for trust based reasons.
  6. Create a schedule.
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly? Where and When will it be published? Did you take into account seasonality of your business? What are you going to do if this is too successful and you are busier than ever?
  7. Adopt an 80-20 rule.
    • 80% is storytelling and this can get hard quick. Having an outside company handle this makes your life a lot easier. Are you comfortable putting pen to paper? Taking great photos? Knowing what to say on  a video or how to stage your video?
  8. Focus on quality, not quantity.
    • Look at that schedule you created, can you consistently delivery great stories to meet that schedule. Social Media Marketing is what Get Out To – Your Company does, so it is a lot easier and quicker for us to handle your marketing.
  9. Give Up Control
    • As much as you want to direct the conversation, social media marketing demands a two-way conversation. Are you ready to listen? How are you going to respond to criticism?
  10. Keep Learning
    • Social media changes all the time. New Apps pop up daily. SEO changes yearly, people’s interests change with the wind. Always be ready to learn something new.
Get Going & Contact Us Today

So What Now? How are you going to start a successful Social Media Marketing Campaign?

The simple answer is to contact us. You need a professional to get this rolling. We are offering a special program for businesses looking to start or restart their social media marketing campaigns. It is specially designed to be budget friendly, scalable as your business grows, provides basic reporting on goal attainment.

Social Media Marketing Start Up Program

An example of how much work Social Media Marketing takes

I am using this article as an example of how much time/work goes into a great post.

  1. Brainstorming, Outlining and Creative direction/needs – 30-60 minutes (This is the part where I “picture” the article, challenge whether it is relevant, figure out the keywords and start to get an idea of the images and headlines.
  2. Main image for article – Photo and editing of photo – 30 minutes.
  3. Headline and Title for article – 10 minutes
  4. 850 words of copy – 30 minutes
  5. Editing – 1 hour (Photo, Type on Photo, Headlines, copy, SEO/Keywords)
  6. Setting up the SEO for this article – 15 minutes
  7. Setting up this article for publication on social media – 5 minutes (keep in mind that the publication channels are already set up.
  8. Ensure that the calls to action are present and relevant. 10 Minutes
  9. Go back and add internal links to this site’s other content. 20 minutes

Keep in mind that, and not to brag, but I have been doing this for decades, therefore I am a bit faster than your average Joe. I am also going to add another hour for a month-long period to track this on social media and go over the analytics for this article.

Total Time – 4.5-5 hours.

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