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Why we are different

“Anyone can build a website, and with all the horrible websites out there, the proof is not in the pudding, it is on google” – John Brogan Jr.

Every Business Understands the importance of marketing, though most fail to understand how it works

The question I ask everyone I talk to to is: Why do you click on items, articles etc.

That question shows why I am different.

I believe the world should be an interesting and intriguing place and my work is all about reaching that goal. I envision my work as providing more than just an ad or a graphic/design or tactic. I want each of them to have the secondary goal of providing a way to make the world a better place. A better place for providing a solution to a problem, to give a chuckle at something funny or clever or at the least, to provide them with information to take a break from their lives. These goals are not just doable, they are the difference in making you stand out from the crowd. Word of Mouth, that powerful sales force is more of story of trust and problem solving then it is about selling product A or product B. My work transcends your image from being a commodity to being a trusted expert. By achieving my goals in your design, your image and reputation will be the one sought out by potential clients as well as re-enforcing your image in existing clients.

So my question about why you click on something is the initial goal. Providing everything else to make you interesting and trusted is what I do. If together we can make the world a better place, one click or article at a time, we will be better off mentally, emotionally and financially. Trust = Success.

I want every project I do to be the one that people click on. In the real world, that translates into engaging people to communicate with my clients. I bridge both the digital and real world in my designs, campaigns and messaging and I want to do it for the type of people who want to stand out from the crowd.

My Resume



Who I work for

I only work for great people. People who generally are positive and nice in their demeanor’s.

I can work with people who are stressed beyond belief, I have been in your shoes. I can offer calm and organization for your chaos.

I can work with struggling businesses. We can work out something to overcome your problems, just don’t ask me to work for free

I can work with you to bring your business dream to success, but remember, I am not an unpaid partner

Who I cannot Work With

Do you screw with waitresses or other service people who are just doing their job? Do you get a kick out of that? Well move on to someone else.

Do you have to be the expert on everything, telling everyone how to do their job, I am not sure we are going to be a fit

Are you looking for someone to “partner up” in your great idea? By that are you looking for a unpaid partner? I am not interested

Is Price the only thing that matters? I know that won’t work out.