Monthly Creative Programs Starting at $299/Month

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Monthly Creative Programs

Let’s be honest here, how many times in a month do you find yourself wanting to have a “quick” graphic or such to share with a client – you know, an impactful email? or graphics for a post or possibly you need graphics for a specialized advertisement. Or do you wish that your message was pumped up with your own graphics instead of generic clip art?

Then there are these scenarios

  • You need images optimized for better search engine results
  • You need a flyer/literature for an upcoming event.
  • You need a great looking email that gets a response
  • You need graphics designed for a trade show.
  • You need some content to make your monthly Marketing Service Program work!!!

No matter what you need – We got a great solution for you.

Our Monthly Creative Program starts at $299/month and what you get for that is 4 hours of dedicated time for creating & designing whatever type of artwork, photo editing, illustration, layouts and typesetting needed.

Here are some examples of how this program can benefit you.

Creation of graphics for email and social media

Re purposing of graphics for any use

Editing of Materials for re-publication

Spiffing up your site a little bit at a time – Icons, Photos, etc.

This program is designed to be a “filler” system that concentrates on using existing artwork and tweaking it. It is also about a limited use of stock photos and graphics. The idea behind this program is to fulfill a need that typically arises with our Monthly Marketing Program.

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