Are you killing your SEO?

Scaling word of mouth

SEO is not how you rank high on a page!

Google search results are based on what’s the best answer to a user’s inquiry. Your site, your pages, the headlines, the copy, the underlying structure of the site, links, social media, etc. are all analyzed by the search engines as they work to provide the best answers to a search engine query. In short it is whether or not your digital assets provide the best answer to a reader’s inquiry.

There are so many things that good companies’ do that keep them from being great in the digital world. The purpose of the article is two-fold: Provide a list of things that punish your company in the SEO game while providing some small insight into our expertise in SEO and many other things.

Get Out ToYour Company – takes a whole, big ole picture view of all the things that drive getting you clients in the digital world. What we do is provide the strategy, tactics and resources to scale word of mouth advertising in the digital space. We aim to turn clients and potential clients into the most effective sales force you have ever seen.

If now isn’t the time to grow your business, when is it? Get Out To, llc wants to help you build the most successful marketing and sales programs by building word of mouth advertising.

Is your website working against you

Concentrating on Search Engine Results only is a Lose-Lose situation.

Be honest, if you are primarily relying on search engines to drive traffic to your page, than I can assume that most of your users are bailing on your pages (or in other words content). Do not give a reader a reason to bounce, or in plain words, leave your site.

Ten Reasons your SEO is not working

  1. Maybe it is just you, and by that, I mean your site’s design. A person coming to your site from Google is searching a lot of links and if your competitor’s site is more visually inviting -then guess what -You lose!
  2. Have a pop demanding an email or a pop up requesting an email, before a user has a chance to find out if what you are offering solves their problem.
  3. Not answer their question while not providing a clear cut way to present an effective call to action.
  4. Talk in your industry jargon. Honestly, you really expect people to take the time to decipher our lingo? It doesn’t make you appear smarter, nor more professional, it is just irritating.
  5. A rather obvious and very basic thing – if you site isn’t responsive, meaning it does not work on a smartphone or tablet then once again – You Lose!!!
  6. This one is sad. You wrote beautiful copy but neglected to write it with SEO in mind and you created plain generic headlines and the search engines ignore it all.
  7. This is one is pathetic – your design, copy, and SEO was designed by your force of will and not designed for the user. It screams ME, ME, ME and turns off more readers than it converts readers.
  8. Security? Site not secured? That is a death knell waiting to happen. Get blacklisted by google and lose out on 6+ months of any type of SEO.
  9. Never format your text – make the reader work hard to follow what you are saying.
  10. Ignore optimizing your photos, why make your images work for you? Why be bothered naming them, formatting them, reducing their size or providing alt text descriptions.
  11. Forget the Call to Action – Every page, image, post or content should have a goal, to drive the reader to react to a call to action, you know, that thing that gets people to: give their emails, call you or share your content. I mean, DUH, isn’t this what your marketing is all about? Getting folks to get in touch with you to enlist your services or products? Yet so many people leave this off or only do it once on a page.

Yeah I gave 11, not ten reasons and these are just the obvious ones that came to mind. There are many more examples of things that inhibit good SEO. One that should be on the above list is Strategy. I did not include it on the list as your strategy has to incorporate more than just proper SEO techniques. Getting into Strategy will require its own post as it incorporates everything you do to market your company.

In addition to the 11 reasons (plus strategy), addressing misconceptions of old SEO and new SEO has to be taken into account.

Old SEO parameters vs New SEO parameters

Big changes were made in Google’s Search Algorithm, pay heed to the changes or LOSE the page ranking battle.


A short while back, SEO was all about meta-tags. Web designers across the world jammed each page full of metatags. Some designers did this in order to help search engines find the site. Others, and by that we mean most, tried to game the system with metatags. In a short while, search engines displayed sites that did not provide help to a question or query.


Remember that copy with the same word forced over and over into the copy? Google today punishes copy and sites stuffed with keywords.

Duplicate Content

It once was thought that to game the system effectively, one had to duplicate/replicate pages and content in the hopes that the more mentions of something leads to higher ranks. The opposite is true today.


Back in the day, any link was thought to improve rankings. Well like everything in life, poor quality doesn’t get better with dreams and hopes. Back linking today is important, but it is all about quality, not quantity. Look at your link strategy as winning a vote. Is the link reputable? Does it enhance you?

Paid links of any kind work like acid on the rope holding you above the abyss. Google knows that paid links are worthless. It’s like having your Mom as your top reference. Don’t do this.

Structure of Site

I cannot state this enough. Your site not only has to be up to date with software that created it (i.e. html vs HTML5 or CSS vs CSS3) it has to be validated. This means the site works on all the latest browsers. Furthermore, and I do not know why I even have to state this, but I do: Your site has to be responsive. It has to work on mobile and tablets. No ifs, ands or buts.

What has stayed the same: Links. Links have to work. No broken links. Changed links have to have redirects so that the search engines know that “Oh, the content we found yesterday is now found here” search engines do not think, you have to give them the trail markers.

So right about now I am tired of writing of all the bad things websites and their designers do wrong. I arrived at this point just thinking about the pages and pages I would have to write explaining good vs bad SEO. Quite frankly it’s boring. I would rather talk about how you, yes dear reader, you have arrived at this point in the article. It may be you are looking for a DIY fix or trying to justify why XYZ company is charging you so much money a month for SEO (hint: it is probably worth every penny). No matter the reason, I am glad you are here.

I mentioned at the beginning of this article that Get Out To takes a big picture view of the digital world. SEO/SEM is only a piece of it. It is a tool, no more, no less and it is not a cure all for your marketing efforts. To me, I like to equate SEO/SEM to a ratchet set in the tool box, as those are the most used tools in a tool box. But having the biggest and best set of ratchets does not mean you are ready to build a Ferrari from scratch. Hell, it also means that most of us should even use our tools on a Ferrari. No, it is better to hand off the tuning and maintenance of SEO to a pro.

At Get Out To, our SEO packages are part of a larger package. We will provide just SEO to the right client, but prefer to handle all of your digital marketing. This way, we have one cook in the kitchen, not multiple. We can then ensure that everything lines up, message wise, to provide effective SEO rankings.

Let us put it all together for you: SEO/SEM, Campaign management, Analytics & Reporting, Web Optimization, Social Media, Email, Content Creation and Publishing. Providing you with a single point of contact, our goal is to scale word of mouth advertising in a digital space by turning your clients and potential clients into the most effective sales force you have ever seen.

We specialize in small and medium business marketing both digital and tradition. 

Contact us today to start scaling your word of mouth advertising.



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